Friday, October 29, 2010

Guy riding a rhino...

...or something that sort of looks like a rhino.

I just got a new anatomy book with illustrations from various artists (Da Vinci, Albinus, etc (all of which are pretty gruesome because you can tell these artists literally dug up these bodies, skinned them themselves, hung them on a pole, and drew them, but I digress)), and one of the example drawings of a skeleton had a ridiculously elaborate background drawing of a rhinoceros. Don't ask me why.

So, bored, I decided to draw a rhinoceros...
with a guy riding it.

Why is he naked? I'm getting better and better at drawing anatomy, and since I draw most of my full figure drawings naked before I "put clothes on them", I get to see exactly in what aspect of the anatomy I'm improving. Because of this, I always want to ink it to see what it'll look like.

Why is he in that position? Who the hell knows.

Pen and prismacolor marker on tone sketch paper
/proportions of the legs are way off / I don't care.

Here's the image of the "skeleton in front of rhino" image I was talking about.

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